1962 Lightweight


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One of the things I never understood back in the 1960’s was why so many racers would chose a high trim level car which was not always the lightest.
IE, putting an aluminum front end on an Impala instead of a 2 Door Biscayne, the 63 Z-11 in an Impala, etc.
I do remember we all wanted to see what the newest and best looking versions would be, but for drag racing the body style with all the chrome stuff really didn’t matter, but it got built.
yeah,all this is awesome! maybe Chevrolet wanted to have the SS Impalas at the races for more sales of those models?


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Dyno Ray, you are probably correct. Thanks for correcting me. As we mature we have time to really read, meaning getting older. I went back and reread the ad that Don Steve’s Chevrolet had for 2 of the aluminum front end cars, BOTH are SS cars! The confusion I can see is the 1847 is an Impala and the SS is a trim option package.
Doesn’t really matter, but it looks like all of those 18-20 cars were SS’s.
It’s interesting to note that on the window sticker of the Zintmaster car it says nothing about the aluminum package.
Anyone know of another sticker of one of these cars?
Thanks again to Dynoray.