1963 Chevrolet Super Sport Fun........


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As a Corvair owner, I can't believe that they were able to do all those "tricks" without the car rolling over. When the Spyder was introduced in 1962, they had a bad habit of flipping over if you entered the curve too fast, and lost control of the car. Many times, they would oversteer, and you wound up spinning around, and if you were lucky, you didn't hit anything. It was a new handling concept where the engine pushed the car, instead of pulling the car, and many people weren't up to the challenge of changing their driving techniques. Sometimes you would have the feeling that the car was driving you, instead of you driving it. My 1963 Spyder had rebound straps on the rear lower control arms that limited the travel. It was a very strange feeling that you go when the suspension started to exceed its design parameters, and the straps pulled the body down. Once that happened to you one or two times, you quickly learned how to drive the car, and not exceed its limitations. All this changed with the 1964 model, since they added a monoleaf transverse spring connecting the two rear lower control arms, and anchored it to the differential. Having owned both designed cars, I could quickly tell the difference in how they handled each with a different suspension design. Starting in 1965, the Corvair adapted the same design as the Corvette rear independent suspension, and they both share the same parts.