348 4 barrel and intake recommendations


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I have a 1965 348 truck engine that was rebuilt and warmed over a bit with mild cam and pistons. It has tri-power (not original).
I'm tired of the gas leaks, rich settings and less than expected performance. I've tried everything including multiple carb rebuilds,
lower fuel pressure, etc. I think this particular tri-power is a bad investment. I was wondering if there were any recommendations
for a four barrel manifold carb and manifold. I notice Show Cars has several options. i've always had good luck with them, but
am open to any suggestions.
Thanks, don


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Yes, I would recommend you slow down and determine what your specific issues are and spend you money and time fixing them on the tri-power. Highly recommend you find someone who has dealt with carbs in that arrangement because there are some issues that are unique to having such a set up. The pay off once you understand it though is priceless. Anyone can open their hood with one carb or even two but to have 3 carbs dancing on top of your engine working properly can only be beat buy having 4 or more carbs which is getting crazy. Its not for everyone and if you have had help from others and the issues still persist then maybe it is time to find a new home for the tri-power. They are pretty cool though. Find a nice used dual quad offy to strap on the motor.


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Thanks for the replies:
1. I think I will re-look at this again, probably remove the intake and carbs and see what I can see on the bench to start.
I agree with the "wow" factor of three carbs. That is what drew me to that setup.
2. If that doesn't yield any results, I will take don's recommendations for a 4 carb and intake
thanks again, don


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Because people took the time to provide recommendations I thought I would finish this thread

I removed my tri-power with manifold with the intention of rebuilding it again, but this time with known high quality parts.
The next day I had a heart attack, then open heart surgery with 5 bypasses. Hence the timing of this reply. The following
took place during my recovery period (actually still in process).

What I decided to do is take Don Jacks advice and go with the small port Edelbrock intake and 650CFM AVS. Over the
Winter I can rebuild the tri-power and install it in the Spring. However, I am really pleased with the Edelbrock set-up.
Really good power (I can really do burn-outs now), no leaks or gas smells, clean install and so far really reliable. At this point
I'm not sure I will go back to the tri-power. I just wanted everyone to know, thanks for the input, it really worked for me.


Don Jacks

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Great news that you're on the mend and moving forward.:applGood news about the truck as well. If that picture is correct,move the vacuum line to the manifold[drivers side port]vacuum.You'll have to reset your idle speed,but your engine will love it.
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The next day I had a heart attack, then open heart surgery with 5 bypasses. Hence the timing of this reply. The following took place during my recovery period (actually still in process).
Glad to hear you're doing ok. I had a single artery-to-artery bypass done in 2013, using an internal mammary artery for a 'forever' repair. Kind of a fluke deal...a blood clot developed in the left anterior descending coronary artery following a lumbar spine surgery. I was a young guy with a clean cardiac workup and low cholesterol....the only symptom I had a was a twinge in my left shoulder when I was out walking as part of my lumbar spine rehab. So three weeks after my back surgery, there I was getting my chest cracked.

I'm thankful every day. :)