409 valve covers


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on some 409's the valve covers were silver instead of chevy orange or chrome. which year and HP where thy correct on. also anyone have a paint code for the color. is it silver or grey. p probably want to powdercoat mine.


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My 1964 truck owner's manual says the 409 truck engines were gray with silver rocker covers. I think the car engines were orange with either orange or chrome covers. I'm sure someone here knows for sure.


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I wonder if that's the same silver that they used on the truck covers? I still remember seeing the ones on mine when I used to work on it back in the mid seventies during it's heyday as a fire truck. They were a silver gray color and still had the HIGH TORQUE 409 decals on them. Sometime in the thirty years after that before I got the truck, someone was kind enough to paint them black. :mad:

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truck engine

My two 1965-409 truck engine were a blue/greenish color with silver valve covers, but I have a 348 truck engine that is Chevy orange including valve covers, believe it is origional color.

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Some debate

There is some debate about the actual color of the original 1962 valve colors, they were painted a slightly different silver hue than the other silver valve covers prior to that year. As mentioned, istarting n 1963 the passenger car valve covers (both drippers and the 340 horse ones) were chromed. Not exactly sure of the truck covers, I've seen blue and I've seen grey. Probably depends on the application?

I think the 348 covers were all Chevy Orange?