63 Z11 Delivery Date

Barry Taylor

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I found the duplicate title to dads 63. Title was transferred on a Tuesday 1-22-63 with Friendly Chevy showing as lien holder. This tells me that dad picked the car up on Friday or on Monday. Sales price on title was $3,275.00. Dad did not pay for this car at this time. I believe sticker on the car was a little over $4,000.00 Dad was given permission and the proper paper work to pick the car up at the rail yard. He then drove the car back to Friendly Chevy for them to check the car in. from there he drove it straight to Dan Deans shop in Garland. Dad said the car didn't run good and upon inspection and a compression check decided to pull the motor down. This was going to happen anyway. They found almost all compression rings were broke because someone had put regular gas in it. I have another duplicate title showing where the car was actually sold to dad on 10-18-63 for $2968.00 and 1st. Nat. Bank Garland as Lien holder. Title weight shows 3500 lbs. I did find a not so good picture of the 62 with alum. front end but to anyone looking at it its just another red 62. BT


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Barry, thank you for the info and your thoughts about your Dad and Ronnie. For years I used to literally grab a phone planning to call my Dad after he had passed. Now I still have the same thoughts and then a smile comes to my face knowing he meant that much to me so many years later.

Of course he would kick my A_ _ sometimes LOL LOL LOL