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So, get me a bus ticket.......
You we need to get you to Carthage Mo on Saturday morning so you can walk down to the car show:brow and go to Iggy's diner:+1 stay the night at the Carthage Inn.:sleep3
We will pass by early Sunday morning pick you up and take you to the races.:burnout
Now after the race you can fill in the blank......


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Sorry guys, I didn't make it over there today. Deb bought a dump trailer and we had to go to Arkansas and pick it up yesterday, took all day. I got up this morning and it was raining and I just couldn't make myself drive another 400 miles today. We're going on vacation Tuesday, so I'll drive another 5 or 600 during the week.
Hope it's going well for all of you, I'd love to see a final between James and Travis.