Can We Review Old tools?

La Hot Rods

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Got a chance to
put it to the test.
I needed a sleeve for the throttle cable on the MG project being I am using a M/C cable.
Then I needed a fitting for the choke cable because a grommet was just not going to cut it. 20160227_164802.jpg 20160301_205506.jpg
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Yeah, you're really out of touch with the times, you should be spending this valuable time on reality TV or on Facebook, that looks like a complete waste of time for an old B.:bow:bow

Way overbuilt and very nice work, good ideas too.



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Hi Guys , I have a Perfection American Ring & Pinion Gear Setter on Fee-Bay right now item 272181087785. I found it on my garage shelf the other day. The manual is dated 1965. That makes it 51 years old.. It's for all light duty cars & trucks. Any body Interested ?My Fee-Bay name is k9hotrodder
If you are send me a PM.
Thanks for looking !

La Hot Rods

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I have tried the kent moore tool not much of a fan of them just seem like another step. My though was anyone is only lucky if they hit it on the first try.
Been real lucky most of the time if I get to take one apart that has never been apart.
If not then hope to get it in two tries.
It took me some time to understand the pattern.

Oops Not much of a sales man