Chicago Electric 10 Amp Deep Cut Variable Speed Band Saw Kit


Chicago Electric 10 Amp Deep Cut Variable Speed Band Saw Kit $139.99 item #62800

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I never had one of these before but now that I have used it several times, I do not know how I lived without it! This item performs so nice, cutting steel is actually fun & FAST! It's very easy to use and so far, it's worked perfectly.

First thing I did was to buy a popular brand saw blade for it from another box store. It comes with 1 blade but it's only good for wood. I went with an 18 tpi blade but a 24 tbi is also available.

I was lucky to find a coupon so I got this for $99.99 plus tax. A terrific deal! I give this tool 5 stars!

Some specs from the HF website:

This amazing variable speed, portable band saw goes with you to the worksite to cut tubing, pipes, rebar, wood, metal and plastic! The band saw cuts at no-load speeds between 0 to 420 FPM and weighs a light 16 lbs. for easy handling. Features include a needle-bearing-mounted spindle and three wheel-bearing blade guides for even, accurate cuts.

Powerful 10 amp motor with variable speed dial 0 to 420 FPM
5 in. x 5 in. deep cut capacity
Superior ergonomics and balance for accurate cuts and less fatigue
Lightweight design at only 16 lbs.
Includes Storage Case and (1) 14 TPI Blade


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I always buy a new compound mitre saw from them when I have a large project. That brand works perfect when new but seems to have lower quality bearings or bushings. By the time the deck is done, so is the saw. The last one I had got a new carbon fiber blade and is my metal cutter. Can't beat the price. I have been thinking of one of these with a hinged stand. Always go with a 20% off any single item coupon.


This had it's own coupon so couldn't use the 20% off. Wasn't complaining though, it was $99 instead of $139

I bought the metal chop saw (same name) and it works well too.