Creepy Uncle Joe


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I stopped up to see my Brother-in-Law & Sister the other day because he was feeling poorly his equilibrium was all messed up and crap and as soon as I turned into his driveway I saw what his problem was, he was flying a Joe Biteme sign in his front yard with 2 little AmeriKan flags sitting on top that was truly disturbing and un American. It a Damn good thing it was an older Biteme sign that didn't have Kamaltoe Hairy's name on or it would have been lights out for him. When I went inside I thought about telling him of my discovery and that I knew the reason why he was feeling poorly but I didn't think they would appreciate my type of doctoring and bedside manor so I thought I'd let them figure it out because he's one of those know it all Brainiac .:crazy:facepalm


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If there was anybody that is creepy its Trump. Just ask the teenage beauty pageant contestants Trump walked in on while they were getting dressed.
Isn't that part of being a judge? You want to make sure all the parts are correct. Reporters are in the sports locker rooms all the time. The last president encouraged multi restrooms......