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Most of the time when someone writes or talks about a business it is because of a bad experience but I am a little unique in that I will definitely post my rants with vendors when they deserve it so that others can consider the situation before they make their purchase, at the same time I will also speak highly of a company when they do the right thing.

Back to Eastwood so two years ago I bought a small 5lb vibratory tumbler and I have used it maybe 2 dozen times. Typically I throw a pound or two of bolts, nuts, washers, clips etc in the unit and let it do its thing. I was kind of skeptical when I first purchased it that the results were not going to be like the hype. Well I was wrong and even wrote a good review of the product about 2 months after having it. It honestly did a pretty amazing job on some hardware off my 58 that I figured I would have to throw away.

Long story short it had crapped out on me not too long ago and I just chalked it up to another throw away product. A couple of days ago while perusing facebook an ad pops up about Eastwood's Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee so I didn't think much of it but this morning I emailed a quick note to their customer service department letting them know that I did NOT have my receipt but that I remember buying it in person at the Alsip, IL retail store and asked if there was anything they could do about it. Within about 90 minutes I had a reply back that said there really isn't anything to troubleshoot on one that they either work or they don't and that I could take my defective unit back to the store and that I could exchange it for a brand new unit no charge. Keep in mind I told them upfront that I did NOT have my receipt and it was about 2 years old. No other questions asked they told me they would email all the info to the store and just return the broken unit. I drove there absolutely no hassles and 5 minutes later I was walking out with my new tumbler. So kudos to Eastwood and their no-nonsense Guarantee. It was a LOT more then I expected. Thanks again Eastwood.

The picture below is of the bolts that hold the rear control arms to the rear end and the frame I wish I had taken some before pictures to show the difference. Trust me these were typical 60 year old midwestern rust bolts before I out them in the tumbler.

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