Ford 9" for 59-64 Impala

1958 delivery

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So I started carrying Ford 9" rear ends for Impalas. Designed with the low rider market in mind. The housing are bolt in and narrowed about 1.5" per side they use them for clearing skirts and running 13" Daytons BUT was thinking this narrowed housing may be of interest to hot rodders for more tire clearance, what say you?


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I can think of two possible advantages:

1. wheels with less backspace, a lot better looking
2. easier to get wheels on and off

Assuming nothing else collides, it seems like a good idea. What are you using for brakes?

Skip FIx

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Trial fitting 8" in my 64 with stock fenderwells it took a zero offset wheel . My Pontiacs(GTO,Firebird and Camaro) take a 4.5 backspace. That almost hits the inner fenderwell and frame on the Impala. The Impala is a pain to snake a fat tire up in there the narrowed would help it.

1958 delivery

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I bought a couple complete packages yesterday. width is 57' which is shortened from stock 60"
31 spline axles, ready to run drop outs 3.50 and 3.70 Most of the guys buying these are running over drive trans 700r4/4L60
disc brake kit which is typical 11" rotors with GM e brake calipers
ratios avail 3.00 3.20 3.50 3.70 4.11 4.56
28 spline 31 spline 35 spline axles
The housing comes with the axles to match(width), bearings studs, retainers.
35 spline a little more, 28 spline a little less in cost
I can also get for tri5's, mustangs Camaros etc but lots of money to stock.

All import

Austin Bubbletop

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Good deal! I ended up buying through Moser for quite a bit more even with the racer discount and drum brakes. They didn't offer the 4th control arm option so i'm now trying to figure that part out right now.