Fred Totten 409 shootout.


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I know prior to the weekend, you were having transmission issues didn’t get them resolved prior to the weekend......?????
Well I learned a costly lesson on Thursday. Got it all together made a couple runs down the road “ it felt great” then backed it in garage to get ready to load up and didn’t have any gears! That’s when I learned after all these years there is a maximum spacing about 3/16” play between flywheel and converter. I destroyed the trans pump in that little bit of time from being uneducated about the spacing. I can guarantee that mistake will never happen again and Burt Brown from Burt Brown racing transmissions goes above and beyond any dealer of any kind I’ve ever dealt with trans is ready to go back in already

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Everyone had a great time. Was good seeing old friends. I want to thank Bryan Fugate for all the help he gave me throughout the race, also others that pitched in to help me. I don't know if I could do it without the help of friends. If the race was ran according to my pace now days this would have been a four day event to get the same things done. Thanks everyone.