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Well, at least Iran can say they did something. Stupid on their part though. Unless China and Russia will back them, which they have recently performed war games together, in general, it is like Iraq firing scud missiles. Means nothing. Iran cannot do anything of any real consequence to America. It might kill a few soldiers, but it will lose exponentially across the board. Biggest loss will be American money and Iranian lives.


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Iranians desire freedom. Instead of bombing normal everday schmucks like us into the stone age, flood their airwaves with messages of freedom. Then tell them exactly where and when cruise missles are going to strike. Pick the top 5 generals offices. Surgical and lethal strikes to show them we can do anything anytime we choose and their leaders cant do shit to stop it. Then they can believe that American is not The Great Satan but a fair and moderate country.

Dick MacKenzie

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Well it looks like were back to square one which is name calling. Iran's war partners that wage these proxy wars might still be slinging crap at our guys so is it really over?