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Hi guys, Here is another batch of pictures from my '57 "W" build

1 Test fitting the seats with the console installed. If I remember correctly from 42 years ago they were from a '65? Pontiac GTO.
2 I had the seat notched by my interior guy way back when to clear the 4 speed shifter.
3 I think it looks "BITCHIN"
4 Beginning to look like a '57 Chev again.
5 Time to go to the exhaust shop
6 I borrowed my good friend and he brought his pick up & his car trailer.WHAT A GUY !!! We have arrived at the exhaust shop an hour before they opened. !st come ,1st served is their motto.
7 Waiting for the shop to open.
8 Good to see a pair of "FLOWMASTERS" under the old girl.
9 Finishing up the left side tail pipe.
10 Realized I needed a heat shield for the starter. Too close to the engine pipe for me ! Shield is from Speedway.
11 Back home and now it's time for the left fender. Same treatment as the right side.
12 Nice and smooth.
15 Now to find the stock hood from the parts car and work on that.

More to come.:crazy:cheers



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I like it. are you gonna re-letter it after the paintjob? if you do decide to re-letter it and want the correct looking (pre-1970) champion decals, let me know. you cannot find them anywhere. i had my friend make me a few extras.

PS: NIN is not some *** rock band, it stands for "Nine inch Nightmares".
we run a 6.50 index on little 9 inch slix.
Impalas have 8 foot long 1/4 panels and have better traction than little cars like mustangs and camaros.
these knucklehead kids cant figure out why my car hooks when no others will? :roll

sorry for the almost hi-jack of your thread Butch.......git-er-done.



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Jim, When I gave you a hand taking your car off the trailer at Thompson I didn't see that in your car.............




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I ran with 9" X 29 1/2 M&H slicks on my '57. Had to let the air out to get them in the stock wheel wells. I also used 15' standard offset Cragar SS wheels. The slicks were also screwed to the wheel lip. Ahh ! The good old days.:D I don't plan to reletter the car. I am going the street route (Mild Custom) W/Cragar SS wheels and a Candy Red paint job,and all the stock trim except the hood & trunk emblems. I plan to use Danchuk 2" 348 Numbers on the fenders.