k9hotrodder "W" project


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Hi Guys, Here is another installment in my "W" project. We're now up to 2001.

1 Sure is getting cramped in there.
2 Gotta have a edelbrock CHROME air cleaner,right son?
3 Gaping hole from so many transmissions over the years. T-10,Muncy M-22 rock crusher and TH-400.
4 Piece from the parts car to fill that gaping hole.
5 That should be enough. Always cut out more than you need.
6 1965 Impala SS automatic shifter.
7 That covers it.
8 1966 Chevelle SS console from my wife's Convertible. Gonna get the works.
9 Taken apart to see what it needs.Everything looks good just a major cleaning and paint.Danchuk supplied the chrome bezel for the shifter boot.
10 No cracks or breaks. (Lucked out )
11 The sun tach is going in this opening. Old clock lasted 1 day on fee-bay.
12 Everything cleaned primed and painted.
13 Cleaned up good. The tach looks right in that position.
14 PLeased with the outcome
15 all done .Now to find the time to install it.

More to come.



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What is the appropriate tool/cleaner for removing drool from chrome?

Did you chrome those engine mounts, and seat mount brackets yet Pop?