Metal Project: Tig welder cart


Finally! I thought I'd never get this thing done! :bang

This is my new Tig welders "ride." :D It's based on the other cart I made but with changes as needed. It's "tricked out" with green vinyl decals and gloss black paint.

It features an open lower shelf for the gas pedal and a welding helmet and a nice deep drawer made of 14ga steel for some consumables & supplies. It also has (2) 1-1/2" PVC pipes or "stacks" on the back for storing tig filler rods. They were painted satin black with plastic fusion paint and they have dividers to store different rods. (can probably hold 7 or 8 lbs or rods each.

Being a Tig welder it won't be seeing much mileage. Will mostly live in the garage but it's nice to have everything all in one place and moveable!

DSCN3013.jpg DSCN3014.jpg DSCN3015.jpg DSCN3016.jpg DSCN3017.jpg DSCN3018.jpg DSCN3019.jpg DSCN3020.jpg DSCN3021.jpg DSCN3022.jpg