More power steering help needed


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Have the borgeson 605 power steering conversion kit for my 62’ 409. I can’t figure out how the top pump bracket mounts. Has anyone had experience with this kit, and can provide a pix of the top pump bracket in position? I am attaching pictures of the bracket Eckler’s provided with the kit.



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That bracket is for 348 or 409 motors only with power steering - it’s one of two brackets that mount to the engine block for 409 power steering.

In your first picture the bracket only mounts one way. Turn the bracket to the right with the slot turned toward the frame rail. The slot allows stud on the back of the PS pump to be adjusted for tightening the belt.
The small hole mounts to the front exhaust manifold bolt with a Allen head bolt with double thin nuts( your kit does not have this Allen head bolt( why ?? It doesn’t have this bolt is wrong). I looked at the picture of the kit on Ecklers). The hole in the bracket with the round ribbed edge on the bracket mounts to the front of the head.

In order to mount the bracket to get it to align correctly the front exhaust manifold bolt has to have one nut to hold the manifold and one to hold the bracket. My experience is that a regular bolt holding the manifold and the bracket will not work....uu
Pictures of what I am describing attached



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Thanks so much for your help, I don’t think I would have ever figured it out! I’m running headers so it looks like I’ll need to do some grinding on the bracket around the mounting point, but should be able to make it work.
Thanks again for your help!!