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How long did GMC keep that windshield?
I said the one I had was a 64 but it could have a 2 or 3 (that was during my first marriage and I have tried my best to forget that) but it had the V6 fleet side long bed.
Bought it from the neighbor up the hill he had got it from a guy that I worked with.
It was a tough old truck to put up with what I put it through.
Ran warm if you tried to blast down the highway.
Had the DANA 60 rear 4.11 Locker and 4 speed.
But that dang windshield :doh
You short leg guys have no idea what it is like.:grumble
Me and my buddy Rockhound hauled a bunch of fire wood with this truck and his Ford.
We would cut logs 8 to 10 foot by 8 or so inch diameter loaded rounded to the top of the cab and then head through the creek and up the hill.
I lost it in the big D