New rear gear recommendations


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Hi all ! been a while but I got the 62 back on the road !
I just bought another Posi unit so I can keep the 456`s for the track and put some higher gears for the street.
I need some input on what gears to get !
Running a Turbo 400 so I want something that still pulls hard but I can go down the highway ok,, I was thinking 3.73 or 3.55 but want to know what ya all think !
I also have a fairly high stall,,, Thanks !
Never been able to do a burn out because of the hoosiers but have some street tires on now ! Whoooo HOOOO ! BURN out.jpg
Feels good to be here again !


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I have 3.73's in my '62. I cruise around at 55 mph or so and the tach is at 2750. My '61 Corvette has 3.70 with a TKO600 My '70. GTO had 3.55 and my '65 had 323. The 3.23 was best obviously, at cruising at about 60 mph ( about 2500 rpms). All cars were muncie 4 speeds except the Corvette. I guess the 3.55 would be my choice for an all around non OD trransmission. If you plan to go to a OD trans in the future then you should have 3.73's.


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Since you have a 4.56 pig ready to go in if the need arises,and since you have the torque multiplication of a turbo 400 and a loose converter,I would be looking at 3.23 or 3.36 gears,especially if your engine is a big stroker.I always found a ~3.25 gearset without overdrive to be the most fun on the street behind a big engine,still has plenty of acceleration and didn't think twice about hopping in it and taking a 3 or 400 mile trip in it.The 3.55's will do it but you will find yourself wanting to slow down some to keep the rpm's down. If you plan to go to overdrive then I agree with the ~3.70's.