Odd things from GM Photo Store

Bob Core

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They would often model different ideas on the same clay or fiberglass subject, I assume to save time and money. Some were 2-doors one side and 4-doors on the other. And hardtops/sedans, etc.

Gumby drove Tonka trucks; this would be no problem!
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Photographic evidence of factory installed Napco kits,being a 3/4 ton with eaton HO52/72 rear would be either 4.56 or 5.14 ratio they didn't bring out the 4.10 gear set for the eaton until the 67 later v-8 auto applications.Most likely 4.56 it was standard in the 3/4 ton,5.14 was available but I think they were special order or 1 ton thing.
That's a 3/4 ton 4wd truck.
A big ole beast! I wonder what diff ratios they would have installed, with a six for power.