Old Newbie Idaho Archie

Just found this forum because I have been saving a 348 with tri power that I took out of a 59 El Camino about 30 years ago. Love the look of these engines and have been saving this one for that just right project. Funny how time fly's and I woke up 75 and unable to do much of anything. Have that engine, a 350 Chevy engine and a Ford 289. Had a plan for every one of them. But now we're moving and I won't have room for any of them so they have to go. The engine turned over when I removed it and I haven't touched it sense except to move it. I know, Idaho's a long way from anywhere, but I just though I'd let those interested in these babies a heads up that I have it and It will be posted on Craig's List in Boise Id. Praise the348!