power steering HELP

Hi , I installed a 605 steering box in my 1964 impala it has STOCK manual steering parts I bought the adapter plate new 605 box I know it is a 605 because of the round clip on top and 605 # on it . I mounted the box BUT I can not install the pitman arm because I can not push the draglink back far enough to install it the left inner tie rod hits the frame ( the frame that is under the oil pan that goes between the main frames ) The pitman fits the gearbox but can not fit on the drag link pitman arm to long ? This car was a driver before this I just wanted power steering on it . I called the place I got the adapter plate they sold MANY of this and never had this problem . HELP


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I don't know anything about this conversion but it sounds like you have the wrong pitman arm. Do you have any part #'s and some pics.
No, all the parts are stock I drove this car the two things I changed was 605 steering box and the adapter plate. I called the place I got the plate at they said they sold many of these adapter plates and never had a problem with them ,I know it is a 605 box because it is stamped 605 and the odd shape of it with the round ring on top side


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when I did my conversion you had to unbolt the bottom bolt for the idler and move it forward 3/4" and redrill.


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Yep, something is wrong. Those things just bolt on. Only thing I had to do was shim up the front stabilizer bar.
Here is a list of direct fit and not a direct fit 605 boxes. A pic of what your arm should look like.

GM Box Interchange - Provided by Jim 'Canuck' Campbell
A list of direct bolt-on boxes and some that need modifications.
(Note this list refers to Saginaw 605 boxes but would probably apply to manual as well.)

Interchange #706

Buick Special 64-70 Camaro 67-74 Chevelle 64-70
Chevy 65-70 Firebird 67-73 Grand Prix 69-70
Monte Carlo 70 Monza 75-79, 8cyl Monza 78-80,6cyl
Nova 68-70 Olds 64-70 F-85 64-70
Pontiac 64-70 Skyhawk 75-80 Starfire 75
Starfire 76-80, 6 cyl Starfire 77-79, 8cyl Sunbird 76-80
Tempest 64-70

Fast Ratio Box: 20/1 # 7806396 Cast No. 5679142
Monza/Vega Box: 16/1 # 7819935

On some 64-70 the drag link hole on the pitman arm may need to be enlarged.

The following boxes will fit but may need to have the pitman arm and/or the rag joint changed or and extra bolt hole boss taked off the steering box. Make sure you compare the input shaft length or the length from the bolt holes to the end of the input shaft to your power box.

Interchange #999

Apollo 73-75 Omega 73-79
Chevelle 71-77 Skylark 75-79
Monte Carlo 71 Regal 73-74
F-85 71-72 Nova 71-79
Lemans 72-77 Cutlass 76
Ventura 71-77 Phoenix 77-79
Century 73-74 Tempest 71
GMC Sprint 71-77
Cutlass 73

Interchange #989

AMC Ambassador 70-2
AMC 77-80
AMC Spirit 79-83
AMC Hornet 70-77
AMC Concord 78-83
AMC Matador 71-76
AMC Gremlin 70-78

Interchange #1034

Jeepster 72
Jeep 73-83
Jeep CJ &
72 Jeep CJ 84-86

List was derived from Hollander Interchange Manual

Fast ratio Power Steering- Saginaw 605

Use box from 1977-81 Camaro/Firebird with disc brakes (or any 800 series box used in Novas, full size GM, etc), gives approx 3 turns lock to lock, versus original 4.5 turns.

All later model boxes require the 1964 - 72 Chevelle pitman PS arm (required change) when used on earlier Chevelles.

Steering shaft comes in two diameters, get the appropriate flex coupling lower half in the same style as original to match the boxes shaft.

1982 or 86 to 92 Comaro Z-28/firebird Trans-AM are 2 turns (12:1) lock to lock, Use original end cap to get the right stops on 2 turn boxes to decrease turning radius.

Later model boxes (1980 and up) use "O" rings instead of flared input and output lines.

Later model internals can be swapped into early boxes to eliminate problems with line fittings and stops or pump can be modified by changing outlet valve (this requires verification) or swapped to accept "O" ring hosed. 119otq1.jpg
GREAT news I was trying to mount the pitman arm straight back WRONG must be mounted 90 degrees to the driver side . Now it fits and don`t hit THANKS for all the help