PUI door panels


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Please tell that total included the redo of your steering wheel :).

Now I remember why I focused on the drive train and the exterior of my '61 Bonneville and left the interior for last :).

Cheers! TomK
It did not include the steering wheel. That was another 1400 dollars. But, this car has the metal back bucket seats, no one has a pattern for them, I purchased the interior kit from Harry Samuals, he had me send one of the bucket seat cushions (they are removable) to the upholstery shop in Ca. for them to use to make the seat covers by. The kit wound up costing a little over 4500 then the bill for installation was about 2000 so I have between 6500 and 7000 but that doesn't include the door handles, window cranks etc.
When you get ready to do your interior, who will you buy it from? Harry retired, SMS has the material, I guess you could purchase it by the yard and have a local shop make the seat covers. SMS also makes the door panels but you are looking at up to a year wait time and my experience has been that they don't fit well.


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We have a superb upholstery guy here, he did my dash and seats in the 63 split window for $1200 in black leather back when he was starting up, it was perfect and comfortable too. The dash had no seams, like it should.

A friend has a 57 tri power Star Chief, he has $8,000 into a set of spoked hubcaps, but they are perfect. Full size Chevy stuff is the easiest to find and way cheaper than anything else.


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Wow, looking at some of these prices doesn't make the estimate I got for a '59 El Camino look horribly out of line. Assuming the springs in the seat are in good shape, the estimate was 8000 for a stock interior and 10,000 for a custom interior, most of the work from scratch. They will blast and powder coat the seat frame before covering with new foam etc. I'm not sure what materials will be used, but for the convenience of writing a check and picking it in show quality work. Once I get closer to the interior, it may be less painful to write the check than I was thinking.