Replacing seat springs


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Replacing springs on back of set of bucket seats for 63 impala SS, need a picture or explanation as to how they go on. Old springs are long gone, need to know the correct direction they go. Do the loose portion of the springs go to the bottom and the caged part on the top or the reverse. Pictures would be great.
Thanks in advance


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In most cases its cheaper and easier to just buy a different seat. There are several for sale at any given time. Any reason you want to keep the old seat frames?


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I have had - 4 sets of 1962-64 Impala fold at a angle SS bucket seats -were I had all the seat springs replaced with new springs -by my local upholstery shop guy who has any extra clamps made for seat springs -needed to install the seat springs.
I had all the seat frames cleaned first(dipped) and primered to stop rust.

Looks like the Classic Industries springs are missing some springs as compared to these from Cars Inc that I used on my 4 sets.......

the springs purchased are made in Texas (I was told by Cars Inc) and fit the original seat upper and lower frames
the springs are held to the seat frames by folded tabs and in some cases he added a few screws.
I have lots of pictures of the springs installed on the original frames