Seat belts

Iowa 409 Guy

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Mine a mid 1964 I think. No one seems to care though. :D[/QUOTE

Lap belt is no problem. Date doesn't matter due to mph.

Thanks for the heads up Russ. Mine are new. Does anyone have a pic of how the shoulder harness connects to the cage? Also pics of how all that connects to the lap belt, crotch belt? I suppose I could find something on utube but I'm busy grilling my favorite wife's supper.


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If you saw the way I drive Dave, you would have a different opinion. Not saying it is right, just saying if I am driving on the freeway, I am definitely not doing the speed limit. Or better yet, as I like to think of it. If the speed limit is 70 mph, that is the limit I must stay above. Just trying to follow the law :brow