Second Race at Woodburn


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I know I will probably jink myself but we had our second of eight races in Woodburn Dragstrips Nostalgia Hot Rod Series last Saturday. I prevailed again to take the win.

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My competition is starting to refer to me in some unpleasant phrases. 409s rule.
That's pretty funny! I guess we are going to have come up with some new phrases for later this year. Maybe not unpleasant, but something to get Paul off his game for once.


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Great job Paul. What were your times? Had my first race at Sage in Idaho, 1/8 mile strip. Having a real problem with the learning curve for the PG & trans brake. Also major shifter problems. Engine ran good. Best time was a 7.73 & 88 MPH. Hopefully will get everything straightened out before I come to Woodburn. Take care.