Should be toasty warm in he winter & cool in the summer


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Just replaced my home’s Bryant furnace’s & air conditioning replaced.
Went from a 75% efficiency System to a 97% system.
I know that I will never see the full saving of this new system, but I have the ease of mind that I shouldn’t have any problems in my last few years.
The old Bryant was still working, but you could the system was in its last legs.
The 35 year old furnace & air were just not up to it, and with the temp fluctuation of today, I should be warm in the winter or cool in the summer.
Learned something in the research of the new system, the only difference between the Carrier & Bryant, is the outside case & name.
both are made by United technology at the same plant Using the same inside parts
Just the the names are different & Carrier cost more.


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I sure was glad to get away from my efficient furnace. Blew too much cold air. Hope yours works better for you Dave.