Springfield swap meet


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Headed to Springfield for the swap meet today. It doesn't start until tomorrow but Deb and I haven't had but 1 day off together all summer, so we're going to go run around today and spend the night. I have an invitation to tour the JRI washer factory, since I just bought a $15,000 washer from them, it's ready to ship today the salesman said I could look it over before they wrap it.
We haven't missed the swap meet in 22 years, I even used to see Phil there once in awhile. It may rain tomorrow but who cares.


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How many times in those 22 years has it been cool...highs in the 80s instead of the mid 90s? My first Springfield swap was when it was still in the park downtown...maybe in the late 70s???

Phil Reed

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I started around 84-85. Temps in the 90's, humidity in the 80's, dust all over my clean parts, the hills just killing your legs, lugging 409 blocks and heads back to my space......what's not to love!!!!!! Did meet Russ and Mearl there!!!!! Next door neighbor there had a 67 convertible that I brought home. Another guy I met there called me about 3 weeks after the swap meet and said he was selling his black/black 67 Impala, 325HP 427, ps, pb, ac, ps and 12 bolt posi for $2300. Oh....and he had an SS hood on it!!!!!

Rule on swap meets.....you never KNOW if you don't GO!!!!!!