Under Hood Colors


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Hey Gang! Haven't been here forever. :dunno2
Anyway, I'm up to powder coating my under-hood section and I'm double checking my color selections. (58 Chevy Impala)
I'm confident with most since these are listed in the Chassis & Engine reference docs, but some aren't, so I'm taking my best guess.

Parts list includes:
Radiator Support - Semi Gloss Black
Fan Shroud - Semi Gloss Black
Inner Fenders - Semi Gloss Black
Tie Bar Support - Semi Gloss Black

Steering Gear Jacket - Semi Gloss Black?
Gas Tank Straps - Gloss Black?

Much obliged for verification of choices


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Originally, each item was painted by the company that manufactured the item for GM, and they all didn't use the same brand of paint, which gave the under hood a mixture of shades of blacks. Considering how durable the paints are today, you might want to reconsider using powder coat, and use paint. The under hood area isn't subject to much wear, or exposure to climate, and the paints will hold up very well, and look more original. One of the reasons that I am not a fan of powder coat, is that if you get a chip in it, and the moisture gets under the powder coat, it will start rusting, and before you realize it, you have a spot that has deep rust, or even worse, a rust hole. Once powder coat is on metal, it is extremely difficult to remove. It has to be blasted off using a very aggressive abrasive under high pressure.
If this is going to be one of those "better than stock" restorations, thats one thing. I can dig it.

For my money, I use Eastwood's "Chassis Black" on all my projects I care about.

Part store black caliper paint on my "budget" stuff. Still looks good