Vent Window stops


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:tantrumChinese at its finest ,Hole for screw is off by 1/2" drilled a new hole and when the screw tightens down it gets all bent out of shape rubber. Called Hubbards and they said its damaged now that I drilled a new hole in it "Well no sh@# " .Allso there quarter window u -jamb seals are not worth the money Very un-professional service will not do any more business with them :think:angry2


I recall having to re-drill one or both of those myself.

Hubbards sure seems to have lost the love lately. Many complaining on here...


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Seem's like i had a similar problem when i done mine. I compared to the old one's and they were exactly alike so i knew i wasn't doing something right.I forget but had something to do with being under the the channel or over ,can't recall for sure.I learned my lesson long ago when you replace something ,save the old one's for comparison so you can rule out a part that is not correct in some way.Also the screw's are very short and hard to get started ,i do remember that.


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:furiousYep did save the old ones they go on top of channel , you can put them side by side old/new and see the hole is 1/4" off .Drilled some different holes and they seem to work a little off but I will live with it.:gaah