Wadena Rock Festival

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Seems like yesterday instead of almost 50 years ago this weekend. We carried a cooler and 4 cases of beer almost 2 miles. Slept on the ground 50 feet in front of the stage. People walking around selling drugs like it was popcorn. No thanks. Plain clothes cops taking pics of the dealers. Lots of naked folks swimming in the creek. Damn it was crazy back when I used to have fun.....:happy:guitar:guitar:guitar


Who played at the Wadena Iowa rock festival in 1970?
The Flying Burrito Brothers Little Richard, Johnny Winter, Mason Profit, Illinois Speed Press, Chamber Bros., Joan Baez, Leon Russel, Poco, Everly Bros., The Sons of Champlain, Reo Speedwagon, Doobie Bros., The Guess Who

I can't tell for sure, but on this link when the lettering of The Youngbloods comes up, there is a 60 Buick in the background. I drove my 60 Buick there, could it be???
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Remember the Wadena Rock Festival very well. Didn’t go, had to work. Dave, you must have had more “white privilege” than me. Would have liked to have gone. Remember old man Koch (probably 75) went two days and told some great stories. Been by the farm many times since. Know the daughter of the farmer who owned the farm and rented it out. She lives in Manchester now. Ohhhhhh the good olllllllll days!