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This forum is for discussion of non Chevrolet related hobbies & other interests. Anything goes here as long as it's G rated. ;) Let's see what you guys do when your not working on those old Chevy's!

***Special thanks to Phil Reed for suggesting this***



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thanx bob,
this will be interesting and fun. my stuff is an old repeat, so i'll pass for the moment. cant wait to see what pops up.

poison ivy

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a friend has a collection of OLD oil cans from the early 1900 s, each one has a area cleaned off to bare metal, then a paint swatch over area with a number from 1 thru 1000. 1000 cans.Any valid reason for such a labor intensive move?


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Boy, that is a good question. Working on old cars certainly occupies most of my time. Not sure I have another hobby per se, but what I like to do is cook. My mother was a good cook as is my wife. I took some courses at the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY, and developed some decent skills. I like trying to make a gourmet meal at least once a week. I think my true forte is hor dourves , not appetizers. I really like making tiny, one-two bite delicacies. They teach you in class to be creative which I am. I'm all the time thinking about what would taste good together. I developed about 10 different recipes for hor dourves which I enjoy making. Presentation is also very important. We eat with our eyes. I'm constantly looking at how to make some appear more attractive. That's where you need creativity. I also took a course in soup making. I love soups. I could eat them everyday. The rest of the family, not so sure. Some of my experiments in cooking, haven't turned out the greatest. The dog even refused to eat it and he was hungry. I watch cooking shows and that guy Bobby Flay is real good. I'd still like to go up against him. Have a cook off of some sort. Yeah. Right. I need more classes, Carmine.