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nice pictures moving along fast. frame looks great.
I have zinc plated original frame & suspension assembly bolt sets, that we discussed.

comments for Dennis that I listed and that we have discussed already.
I can see on the full floor pan -noting the 1963 style seat belt bracket hole in the center hump vs the correct 62 seat belt mounts.
I see the gas pedal studs have to be added yet and the 4 back seat mounting brackets also need to be added.
It appears to have 4 mounting holes in the floor on the drivers side for the front seat brackets -I bet the bottom of the new pan is missing the 1961 to 1963 bench seat brace between the 4 front seat mounting holes.


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Evan and Dennis left this morning. I feel a little violated. They plundered all my stuff. I have no secrets left...found things I had forgotten. I'm a little concerned....they weren't always supervised. I'll be doing an inventory.

Dennis did get to visit his Belair. Maybe he will post some photos. If we're lucky we will share the swan photos also.

I believe all parties enjoyed the visit. I know the time together left me feeling a little richer


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Russ has a very eloquent description of 409envy's (Evan) and my recent visit to Missouri. My intent was to go down and see the BelAire progress and discuss some details moving forward on the restoration. Evan, on the other hand, was on a mission to acquaint himself with the Campbell hoard.
Keeping in mind that Covid has changed my entire financial capabilities, I knew that keeping my temptation to purchase ANYTHING was paramount. After looking at the restoration of the BelAire, it was back to Russ's for a 409 version of scavenger hunt (for Evan).
Russ was more than accommodating in giving us the green light to look anywhere we wished to discover treasures. As we came across items of interest, Russ would switch to a sales mode not seen in recent memory. It was a little like Mecum and Barrett-Jackson with a hillbilly twist.
When it was over, I wound up with 2 blocks, two cranks, a set of 690's, windage tray, fuel filter, various smalls ...........and......a complete motor!

Russ, with new financial promises, fed us to a fine dinner. During that time, I realized what I had committed myself to, and went for a walk to fully digest what had happened. That walk led me to a long abandoned pool that was built in the 1920's that is part of the Campbell estate. It was on that walk, while trying to rationalize what had happed before dinner, I saw the Swans! There were two of them sitting majestically on the opposite side of this stately abandoned pool. As I continued to walk around the circumference of the pool, the Swans kept their eyes on me, but were unafraid and did not move away. It was if they were inviting me to come closer. In my current state of mind, I could not imagine them allowing me to approach them. Were they going to fly, attack or just sit there watching my approach? At least they took my mind off all the money that I had committed to spend. As I continued closer, and contemplating if the blocks were standard bore, I realized that the Swans were not only not going to move........that they were CONCRETE.....and had been there for 20 years!!!!
Realizing this, I finally came to the conclusion that I was really in bad shape! I also realized at that point, that I not could not afford professional counseling as I just spent any of my remaining cash reserves on cast iron that was decades old!
So you folks that will have the privilege to visit the Campbell collection, beware of Russ' quiet demeanor, his engaging smile and his country boy smoothness. Approach this man with caution,................. and remember you budget!!!!!