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Dec 27, 2017
The Home Page recieves a whole new look!

10 new smilies were added to the forum.

The Forum software was upgraded to the latest version. Many new features.

Feb 07, 2014

Many new upgrades and improvements were made to the forum recently. We have alot to discuss so let's get started;
The Forum software was upgraded to the latest version on 12/15/13. Many new features were added as part of that package.

10 new smilies were added to the forum on 12/15/13. Also, you can now drag-n-drop these into your message if desired.

Attaching photos to your post just got alot easier. No more re-sizing your files ahead of time which gave many of the members headaches. Now the forum resizes them for you automagically!

The latest version of the forum removed the log out link from the upper right corner. I installed an add on that brought this link back and it now sits just above the search box.

2 new forum "styles" were added. The first is one I found available online and is called "Winter" and it's for the person that really likes BLUE! The second one I created myself which is called home page theme and is based on the main home page colors & textures. Changing styles allows you to view for the forum in different designs and colors. You can switch around at anytime so don't be afraid to try them out. The plain default style will always be available for those that like things simple. To change the style, click the link in the lower left corner of any forum webpage.

State Prefix's were added to some forums on 12/24/13. U.S. state prefixes were added to: For sale, Wanted, Freebie, Make offer & Events forums. The poster can now select their colorful state prefix to show next to the title of their post.

Online / Offline banners have been installed which show if the user is logged in or not. These show just below the persons avatar.

An "Info" tab was added to the navigation bar just under the logo at the top. This tab makes it easy to access various areas of the forum and main website pages. There is even a link to a site map page so you can easily access all pages of the main website. Other short cut links will be added to this area as they are needed.

An FAQ page for the forum was created and added into the Info tab area. This will help answer various questions about using the forum. A new members roster page was created as well that shows who donated to the site. See that here: Member Roster

The For sale, Wanted, Make me an offer & Freebies/giveaway forums now have an automatic expire function for threads after 60 days of inactivity. This saves me from having to go in and manually clean up those areas all the time. Your post will expire 60 days after the last reply has been made to it. You can still manually delete any of your ads if your item sells to avoid unnecessary inquiries. (the Test track forum also has an automatic expire function that is set to expire posts after 10 days of inactivity)

An events calendar was added to the forum 12/23/13. This is a great way to announce any car events that you know of. On the day of the event(s), an announcement will automatically appear at the top of the forum. To learn how to add an event, see the tutorial by clicking here.

Ability to post tables in a threads added 1/16/14. While this isn't for everyone and does take some practice, it's a great way to display charted information that is sortable by the reader. To learn how to add a table, see these tutorials: Adding a table manually and also the Copy & paste method.

An events archive forum was added into the main events forum on 1/12/14 (all expired events and any discussions of them, "pre-2014" have been moved into this archive forum in an effort to keep things neatly organized)

Custom fields were added to the events forum on 1/18/14. Now when you post in this forum, you will have various text boxes to fill in helping you list your event correctly. In addition, the state and starting date that you fill into these boxes will also appear under the thread title.

Custom fields were also added to the for sale section on 1/15/14. These will help you get your item listed correctly with text boxes to fill in. The country, state and price that you fill into these boxes will also appear under the thread title.

A new Library area was added to forum 1/16/14. Click here to see this new area. The new Library will contain various Articles, How-to's, Charts, Tips & FAQ's. Many new charts have been added to this area which include:

  • Transmission gear ratio chart
  • Speedometer gear chart
  • Metal gauge & weight charts for steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel & aluminum.
  • Drill bit speed charts for twist bits, Brad point, Forstner and spade bits.
  • 1958-65 Chevy bulb chart.
  • Length - Unit conversion chart for meters, feet, inches, yards, kilometers & miles.
  • Fractions - Decimals - Millimeters conversion chart.
  • Steel Bolt Torque Specification chart.
  • 18 inch radial tire/rim chart.
  • 17 inch radial tire/rim chart.
  • 16 inch radial tire/rim chart.
  • 15 inch radial tire/rim chart.
  • 15 inch bias ply tire/rim chart.
  • 15 inch bias ply tires.
  • 14 inch radial tire/rim chart.
  • 14 inch radial tires.
  • 14 inch bias ply tire/rim chart.
  • 14 inch bias ply tires.
  • Article on Setting valve lash.

  • A Notable Members tab was added on 1/25/14. Now when you click on the Members Tab in the navigation bar you now have options to see who is in each Supporting Member group which is currently 1 thru 9 and growing. While we're on that subject, a very big thank you to all of our Supporting Members especially those in the upper groups! It is our supporting members that keep the lights on here at 348-409.com.

    Many more new forum features are already in the works but I won't spoil the surprise. Stay tuned for those and more great things here at 348-409.com!

    Nov 30, 2013

    A new page is added with charts showing what tires were available on the full size Chevrolet cars with RPO numbers and specifications. 1962 & 1963 are listed now, other years to come... Tire Chart
    A new page is added with light bulb & fuse specifications for the 1958-1965 full size Chevrolet cars. Bulbs & Fuses
    A new page is added with information on how to adjust valves. Adjusting Valves
    More codes were added to the RPO pages. (new entries are not marked) 1962-older 1963-70

    Dec 18, 2009

    A new page is added with specifications and codes for the 1955-70 Chevrolet wheels. 1955-70 Chevrolet wheel chart
    A new brochure is added to the literature library. This one is for the 1964 Chevy Station wagon lineup. Literature library
    22 new junkyard photo's have been added; (1) 55, (1) 57, (3) 58, (5) 59, (3) 60, (3) 61, (1) 62, (2) 63, (1) 64, (1) 65 and (1) 67. Junkyard photo page
    A new section for wrecked cars, trucks & buses was added to the misc photo page. 16 photo's of wrecked cars have been added. Misc. photo page
    4 new photos were added to the 348-409 reference page. 348-409 reference photo page
    Some information was added to the bottom of 1958 & 1959 flashback pages. 1958-65 Flashback index
    Google checkout has been added as a payment option for purchasing our 348-409.com products or for website donations. This will be most welcomed by those of you who dislike using Paypal. If you would like to donate to this site, to to the Donation page or if you would like to check out the cool 348-409.com merchandise, go to: 348-409.com products
    A new Style has been added to the forum. This one is called Crimson Tide. To try it out, scroll all the way to the bottom of the forum and select Crimson Tide from the drop down box on the left.
    Due to contant spamming of the guestbook, I've decided to remove it. It's been getting very little entries for some time now so it's not worth the bother fighting the spambots any longer.
    While it's had a long down time, the Review post section is now back in working order. A great place to rate products that are there or to add a product you have experience with. Review post

    July 20, 2008

    Main page gets redesigned. A new theme and a new navigation bar has been added. Home Page.
    Events page gets redesigned. Many more selections are added. Be sure to submit any automotive events you know of! Automotive Events
    Junkyard pics. Have we got 'em! 57 new pics have been added this time around. Check these out in the junkyard photo area: Junkyard Photo's
    (click on the BOLD numbers to view new pics)
    The literature library gets 5 new articles added. New to this page is an article for the 1958 station wagons, the big three for 1959, a 1959 Chevy w/348 road test, testing the '65 Ford, Chevrolet & Plymouth and a road test for the 1969 Chevrolet Caprice w/427. Check all of these out here: Literature library (just look for “new” icons)
    Misc. Photo area is updated with 18 new pics. Misc. Photo's (just look for "new" icons)
    Lastly, a new game has been added. This is an “arrange” game. Give it a try when you have some free time Arrange game.

    May 12, 2008

    The misc. photo area is updated with 13 new pics. Just look for the "new" icons. Misc Photo's.
    The junkyard photo area is updated with 24 new pics. Just click on the BOLD numbers to view the latest pics. Junkyard Photo's.
    The 348-409 info exchange forum was upgraded to the lastest version yesterday. There are quite a few new features such as; thread tagging, adding a prefix to a new thread title, light box for viewing attachments, photo albums built into the forum both private or public, social groups, customizable profile pages and more. 348-409 info exchange forum
    Be sure to check out our official line of 348-409.com products! Coffee mugs, oval decals and dealer type decals are ready to purchase. 348-409.com products

    November 7, 2007

    We now have a new 2008 wall calendar available. This high quality calendar features 12 of our members cars. Special thanks to Dick MacKenzie for undertaking this project. To learn more, Click here.
    New Identifying a 348-409 car chart is here. This chart lists various parts that 348 & 409 equipped cars would have and is a useful tool to help identify original W powered cars. See it here:
    15 new sales ads were added to the Sales ad section. (1) for 1958, (2) for 1959, (2) for 1960, (1) for 1961 and (9) for 1962.
    25 new photo's were added to the Junk yard photo page section.
    5 new entries to the Literature Library section including;
  • A) A 31 page accessory pamphlet for the 1957 Chevrolet.
  • B) A 16 page brochure for the 1966 Chevrolet.
  • C) A road test report on the new 1969 Impala
  • D) A 12 page brochure for the1960 Chevrolet police cars.
  • E) Hemming's motor new magazines Cyber crusing section featuring www.348-409.com.
  • Watch for official 348-409.com coffee mugs and decals coming soon!

    December 8, 2006

    348-409.com gets some recongnition in the December 2006 issue of Hemmings Motor news magazine. (page 97) or click thumbnail to the right.
    A new “car movie” section is added to the Product Reviews area (look at the bottom for the new section) I started by listing 5 of my favorites to get things started. Feel free to cast your vote and your opinions on these movies or add a movie you've seen!
    1958-65 6 cylinder and small block V-8 suffix codes were added. 6's & small V-8 suffix codes
    39 new photo's were added to the Junk yard photo page section.

    May 14, 2006

    A new Product Reviews section is added. This new area will feature photos, descriptions, ratings and opinions about automotive parts & products submitted by our visitors. Anyone that is registered on our forum will be automatically registered for this new area. Each member will be able to upload photos of any automotive part, product, tool or literature that they have had experience with. Perhaps something you really liked and want to share with others or more importantly, something you found defective or poor quality and want to warn others about! Once an item is submitted, others members may give their rating and offer their experiences on it.
    8 new tips were added to the Tips/Tricks section. Just click the various tabs and look for the “new” icons.
    A new booklet is added to the Literature Library. This time, we have scans of a 21 page 1959 Delco Remy electrical booklet that I found at a swap meet. Just look for the "New" icon.
    A new chart is added for 1958-65 Chevrolet production numbers. This new chart has a more detailed breakdown of numbers. See the new chart here.
    A new 6's & small V8's section is added to the site. This time I've added a torque specs chart for the small block Chevy but I will be adding many more pages of information devoted to the 1958-65 Chevrolet 6 cylinder and small V8's in the future. See the new chart here.

    January 25, 2006

    4 new sales ads for 1960 were added.
    10 new sales ads for 1961 were added.
    3 new sales ads for 1962 were added.
    8 new sales ads for 1963 were added.
    2 new sales ads for 1964 were added.
    3 new sales ads for 1965 were added.
    40 new Promotional pictures were added to the Misc. photo page.
    3 new brochures were added to the Literature Library. The full size 1959 Chevrolet brochure, full size 1964 brochure and the full lineup for 1966 including all models. Also added was a 1965 full size Chevrolet custom features pamphlet.
    Many new part numbers and reference pics were added to the 1958-65 Part number page.

    December 17, 2005

    11 new sales ads for 1958 were added.
    5 new sales ads for 1959 were added.
    3 new sales ads for 1960 were added.
    1 new sales ads for 1963 were added.
    3 new sales ads for 1965 were added.
    17 assorted new pictures were added to the Misc. photo page.
    An article on Turnpike safety featuring a 1958 station wagon is added to the Literature Library. An article about the making of a TV commercial for the 1966 Impala was also added.

    August 29, 2005

    A new “introduce yourself” forum has been added to our message board. This is a great place for newbies to say hello and to say a few words about themselves and their prized Chevy’s. Existing members are also encouraged to post a bit about themselves. A great way to get to know each other and brag about yourself and your projects! Please use your forum username as the title of the new thread you post. This will help avoid repetitive title names such as; newbie, new guy, new member, etc.
    5 new smilies have been added to the forum. We just can't get enough of these little guys!
    The Literature library gets 5 new additions. The first is the 1960 Chevrolet full size Chevy brochure. In addition, four new articles have been added pertaining to the new car lineup of 1962. I scanned these from a 1961 issue of Science and Mechanics magazine entitled, “New Cars '62”. The first of these articles discusses and compares all of GM's new car lineup. The second discusses and compares the low price car line for '62 which includes all makes/models, the Biscayne being one of them. The third article is for the sports type cars lineup of '62 such as the Impala SS. The last article is for the station wagons and special vehicle line of 1962.
    (7) new ads for 1961 and (1) new ad for 1963 have been added to the sales ads section
    5 new tips have been added to the Tips/Tricks. 2 are in engine and 3 in detailing.
    Our 348-409.com business card has been added to the downloads page. Now you can print out our business cards right from your own computer!
    Many new part numbers and 9 new reference pictures have been added to the 1958-65 Part numbers page.
    9 new pics have been added to the 348-409 Photo reference page.

    July 8, 2005

    21 new pics have been added to the misc page. Post cards, dragsters, airport limo's, a little of everything! See these here.
    41 new junkyard photos have been added. See them here.
    A road test on a 1963 Chevrolet Impala 4 door 195hp 283 has been added. This one is from the July 1963 issue of Mechanix Illustrated. See it here. Be sure to check out all of our past road test articles by going to the Literature library section: Click here
    A new page showing some weights of the 348, 409 and 427 engines is here. More will be added as they are recieved. See it here.
    2 new tools have been added to the 348-409.com Toolbox. The first is a Social Security number converter. This converts the first 3 digits of any U.S. Social security card into the state it applies too. The second is a U.S. zipcode converter. It converts any 5 digit U.S. zipcode into the state it is located in. See both of these new tools by going here. Look in the bottom 2 drawers of the upper tool box.

    April 18, 2005

    New chatrooms have been added. For those that like to chat, your sure to like the new setup. It's loaded with many great features. See it at: 348-409.com Flash Chat
    A script has been added to the forum pages that shows if anyone is in our new chatrooms and who they are. Check there often and if you see someone you know, pop in and have a friendly chat!
    A new section, "Buy/Sell" has been added to the Tips/Tricks page.
    12 new tips have been added to the Tips/Tricks page. (7) in Buy/Sell, (2) in Interior, (2) in Body/Chassis and (1) in Engine.
    The 1958-65 Chevrolet Parts page has had many new numbers added. You'll now find numbers for: roof, grill, tailgates, trunk lids, fan blades and fuel tanks.
    The 1964 Sales ads page gets 3 new ads.
    The 1965 Sales ads page gets 4 new ads.

    February 13, 2005

    The What's New page is created! Now you won't miss out on any important changes around here! All new updates will be listed here and what date they were added. Check here anytime to see the latest.
    The Junkyard Photo Page has been updated with 10 new pics. This section will be added to often. Send us some of your junkyard finds and we'll post 'em.
    The Tips/Tricks page has been redesigned for easier navigation.
    8 new tips have been added to the Tips/Tricks page.
    A tips/tricks submit form has been added to the Tips/Tricks page. This will make sharing those great tips and tricks with us easier than ever. Send yours in today!
    A link submit form has been added to the links page. This will make exchanging links alot easier.
    The Home page link, Site map link and Chatroom link on the forums will now open in a new window when clicked on. This will be useful when retrieving information from the main part of the site while replying to a question on the forum by allowing both windows to be open. It can also be useful if you would like to have the chatrooms open while looking at the forum or the main site.
    The 1958-65 Chevrolet Parts page get a quick jump menu box for easier viewing. This page also had many new numbers/pictures added to it.
    The 348-409 Interchange page has just been added. This page lists various small and big block Chevrolet engine parts that will interchange with the 348 or 409.