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    Ross pistons

    Looks like his dome, doesn't it?
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    265 V-8

    Looks like a pretty good intake at a fair price. Or you could camouflage an aluminum period intake, as others have suggested, but one that old might be in worse condition than an iron one.
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    348 4 barrel and intake recommendations

    I like to think of Don as "the adult in the room". Only minor disrespect to the rest of y'all. He always has a responsible, well-supported contribution to our discussions! Thanks, Don!
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    Rear suspension opinions

    Here's a good article to make the choice even harder...
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    Rear suspension opinions

    Be different, do a truck arm setup!
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    Miss at idle & at cruise speed

    I usually wouldn't stop short of doing the cam and lifters, but it is a real job, regardless of how you do it. So being a bit lazy, and only if the lifter wear surface looks perfect with a little crown and the cam lobe is normal, I'd try to fix the original lifter, or replace it with the best...
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    Drag Racing & Patriotism

    I think the boat was hijacked out in the Pacific somewhere.
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    097 Duntov cam

    Doesn't sound right for the retainers, a generic Comp is around $53 a set. 742-16
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    097 Duntov cam

    I think that 097 will be perfect. I'd go for the 2 WCFBs personally, but Carmine has a vision and should see it through.
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    Drag Racing & Patriotism

    What will she do when it shows up at your door???
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    097 Duntov cam

    I would use these:
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    5.7 rods

    Cost aside, a nice set of lightly used GM rods might be more desirable than a new set of Chinese rods? If you could find a nice set, that is. JMO
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    Drag Racing & Patriotism

    Gav, thanks for stopping by yesterday. Wish we had more time or an event to go to, but schedules can be tough sometimes. Thanks also for the to-do list, I will try to have everything done before you show up next year. Ha ha.
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    Date Codes

    This guy is an installer/dealer maybe for Bowtie Overdrives, or was at one time: Wise Transmissions Brian James 749 Old County Road San Carlos, CA 940701 (650) 593-8052
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    Motor oil:

    I use Brad Penn for my older Chevy and Buick engines, 10-40, 15-40 or 20-50. Their break in oil is also very good.