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    Newby- Prolly Buying A '63 (clone) Biscayne 409-425

    That's the attitude! This bunch has seen/done it all and that car appears to be a pretty good place to jump in. I wouldn't let that Muncie slow me down a bit. That is, if I could get the seat close enough to suit me.
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    Newby- Prolly Buying A '63 (clone) Biscayne 409-425

    You might try a smaller water pump pulley also.
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    Manual Steering sway bar options

    Yes I have installed a Hellwig and it is tight but no real issues.
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    FiTech 2x4 installation

    A little surprising that the manufacturer didn't anticipate the units being that close. I am working on a SBC 2x4 Sniper, and not only do they fit, they give you some plumbing options? I think somewhere they said that they fit Edelbrock spacing, which I think is basically crammed together as...
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    Starter selection

    That's it! I knew someone had done that.
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    Starter selection

    I've also seen (was there a thread??) that some of the dual-pattern aftermarket starters can be drilled or slotted to line up with the 409 inline holes?? As opposed to drilling a new hole in the block...not sure where I saw that. The flex plate would be the best fix, along with a...
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    Tooth's 68 Chevy ll Beater Project

    The above message is one of those that I'd "like" 3 or 4 times if I could!
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    Here we go

    My Crower solids did too, but I saw a set of retrofit hydraulic rollers that did not, not sure of the brand. So now I check all of them, especially with anything that has any lift. That would be an ugly failure if the tie bar got pulled apart.
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    Here we go

    Also, be certain that you aren't getting a set of SBC rollers; the tie bar may be too short and restrict lifter travel. I think the correct lifters are actually short SBC lifters with Ford 351 tie bars, or something similar.
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    Truck 409 acquisition

    Or you could build a second W engine... It's a very slippery slope.
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    1962 Belair 409 068 QB block No X

    Price is good starting point if it passes a thorough inspection. It looks very nice and the description seems to add up, but you never know.
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    Don's gone Crazy Stroker, 1966 C-10

    I've been using a combo of distilled water and Joe Gibbs CSP lately. My hope is that it slows down corrosion, provides a little lubrication,etc. Everything seems to be working as advertised. If you want to check it out:
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    W Head Basic porting for dummies

    Not sure I'm buying that. Think about all of the extra stuff aluminum heads entail, like valve seats, guides, thread inserts and the additional machine operations. Can't see aluminum heads being cheaper than iron in any quantity, or aluminum blocks either. Certainly isn't reflected in the...
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    W Head Basic porting for dummies

    Then why are aluminum heads, blocks and third members more expensive to purchase?