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    '58 - 348 Tri Power (Question P.15)

    kph??? That's just not right!
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    Chrome reverse wheels source??

    The wheel vintiques oem ones are pretty nice. Might have wrong BS for you, however.
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    409 Nova Wagon Brake Upgrade Project

    The original would make a great blueprint for a "tribute" car with a few modern upgrades. Not quite the Speedway Motors Nova, but not a drag racer at all. The idea of mostly GM parts is pretty cool, if not always practical.
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    409 Nova Wagon Brake Upgrade Project

    Anyone know what might have happened to Bascom??
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    409 Nova Wagon Brake Upgrade Project

    gotta like that plan!
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    Staffs oil pan.

    Nice setup, may require a little hand fitting, may also require crossmember clearancing in one way or another.
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    Update on BA 409

    Good news !!
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    My new play thing......

    You sure have a lot of new friends, Phil.
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    409 head bolts

    And old bolts can be particularly leaky bastards!
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    '62 Impala gets a new powerplant

    That's a very good reason, never considered that aspect!
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    '62 Impala gets a new powerplant

    Speakers? You need louder mufflers instead.
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    1959 Kingswood 348

    Hard to resist from any angle. Well done!
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    409 stock rod strength

    If I were building that same engine today, I'd probably at least use the aftermarket rods or order pistons designed for longer BBC style rods. But that was several years ago and that looked like the best option at the time.
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    409 stock rod strength

    I am kinda guilty of that also, although my Ross pistons are a little lighter. Rev limiter was 7300, never had a problem with that 409 and it still runs like a top. Except it isn't in my car right now. But it was for at least 3 years. They were polished, peened, magged and good bolts.
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    The lost tool thread.

    My luck usually is that I replace the offending item, sometimes twice because of old age, then it turns up. And somehow I feel better???