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    Conversion to spin on oil filter cartridge on 409

    Be careful not to over tighten the adaptor or a tiny crack can develop leaving you with a leak.
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    Americans & Guns?????

    I come to this site for the good w motor info. There are people on this site who have a wealth of information that is useful. All this political BS is a real distraction. Well you say don't read the political section. I usually swipe by this section to see the cars section as it is...
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    Noise in 62 409 Engine (Motor)

    Did the pulley box say made in China? If it did I would suspect bad metallurgy.
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    Stamp Pad anomaly

    Could it be someone in the past had the block decked and transferred what was on the head pad to the fuel pump pad?
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    Show Cars won the Ridler!

    Hurrah for the w block! I would like to know the details of that engine, looks great in the 59 Cameo Corral color. Congrats to Show Cars.
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    DAYTONA 500

    This is a little off subject but until Nascar gets back more to stock car rules then I will not follow them. Their rules should be with stock block engines available in the architecture of the stock car sold to the public. Otherwise its just another TV game show.
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    A $200,000 61 with a 409, only one built

    This dealer always over prices their vehicles. They are 30-50 % over priced in my opinion.
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    1960 Corvette with dual quad 348

    Great build. I like the Hal kidney beans and the 56/7 air cleaners.
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    End of the Impala

    I have a 59 Impala and my wife drives a 2016 Impala which has been a good car. Its got good styling for todays cookie cutter cars and its fit , finish and interior materials are very good. Hate to see the Impala go.
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    carb preference

    This new Edelbrock AVS is a great carb, really impressed with it.
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    That 58 wagon has a lot of great work on it. I really like it thanks for the post.
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    Mueller report released

    It seems to me some people are missing the point. The Russia KGB interfered in our election and is doing everything they can to undermine our country. Russia is run by a bunch of criminals and can't compete with us in a fair way so they are trying to divide us against each other...
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    500 series pwr steering box install ?

    The only trouble you should have mounting the 500 is if you are using a serpentine belt drive system. I know I did using Billet Specialties serpentine system. The only box that fit was the 605 unless you make some frame mounting modifications.
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    2 four intake

    Was there ever an aluminum 2 four intake made for the small head w block's?
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    409 Questions

    Cool car, you got it right.