1963 C10 swb Fleetside (409 candidate)


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:dance3I finally got one. It's a 6 cylinder 3 on the tree. :happy
I think I found a home for my 409. :burnout
If anyone has some good advise about installing a 409 and a 4 speed in a 63 C10 I'm all ears.
I know there has to be some pitfalls that should be avoided and maybe some tricks
to making the switch go smoothly.;)
I'm guessing right off the bat that I'll have to fabricate some headers? There just can't be a aftermarket set that will bolt right in without modifications. (That would be just way too easy):rolleyes
I'll post some pictures this weekend.:D


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Doing the same to my 65 eventually. I know you will need to massage the firewall on the passenger side in order to remove the valve cover when the engine is installed in the factory location. Another member purchased some CPP mounts that actually move the engine forward in the engine bay giving you added clearance.

No one makes headers but I'm sure you could build your own if you had the time and a welder, builder kits are pretty cheap. I would think manifolds could be made to work with some effort.

Looking forward to seeing some pics!

Link to my build
Link to another members build

Good Luck!


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Nice looking truck.

Thanks, It's just a simple old truck. It's fun to drive around in. Almost having second thoughts about putting the 409 in. It's lasted this long without anyone putting a different engine in it. The engine is so quiet and runs so nice. The trans howls a little bit at highway speed but its a old truck and to be expected.


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Sweet truck I am running a 283 in my 59. The original 6 is long gone in mine but I could see how one would feel bad about messing with it if it were all original.
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