2016 Fred Totten Memorial Shootout

63 dream'n

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Thank you to all for posting updates And pictures......... Thanks for sharing with the others , Who didn't go..............It's much appreciated


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My temps down to normal but now my Irish is up after seeing all the great picks of what I missed. I'm sorry everyone that
I couldn't have Freds car there.


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Ron and I joined in on Sunday ... Had a great time .. Thanks again Phillip for taking care of the old man's tire pressure and lining me up on the rubber ... You were a big help... Just loved the flag start ... 1st time for me legally , George Nye did a great job , Val thanks for keeping me jump started , Ice cream and all and how about that , 11.08 everybody in Stafford Va. Knows about it !!! And I got the time slip to back it up !!! Lol!!!!

Dick MacKenzie

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I'm going to try and post the link to the first video I ever shot with my camera and the first time uploading a video to YouTube. It's not the greatest but here goes. I believe this was from the first round eliminations.
p.s. you may need motion sickness pills.:D
Looks pretty good to me Jim!!

Jim Sullivan

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Now that I figured out how to post videos, I have all of the first round eliminations. I'll try and post them in the next few days.