348 409 Speed-Port Intake, Machined & Installed !

How things went...
Drove 140+ miles yesterday, with my son, using my buddy's old beater truck ( we had had some rotten weather ).
Hooked up on the dyno, started th eengine... and it immediately quit.
One of the contact "pucks" of the Blue Streak DR2371 ignition points.... FELL OFF ! ! !
That was it for that day. Drove back home.
This morning, we went back with my old green truck ( highways were beautiful ), and brought the MSD distributor from my BelAir.


Everything went smooth, nothing blew up.


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Aubrey, You have got me hanging here:dunno.
Nothing blew up is a good thing:hug
Have you done any comparisons yet or just the original 1x4 barrell cast manifold for a base line??

All done, Steve.
5 pulls with the stock intake, to confirm jetting... and ended up bumping the total ignition timing to 35 degrees.
Used that as the baseline for all subsequent tests. Same 750 Quick Fuel carb, ect.
Did 3 pulls with the Edelbrock Performer.
Did 5 pulls with my Speed-Port intake... trying a couple different carb spacers... which, may I add... did virtually nothing at all:dunno

I have VERY VERY detailed, accurate, results to provide. Need to scan, ect. Also, a few good videos of "pulls", using the different intakes.
I'll start a new thread, so it gets to the point.


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I'm absolutely overjoyed that you have got it to this stage finally:clap:dance
Cant wait to see the results
have heaps of questions but maybe for the next thread



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Aubrey - How long do you plan on having you manifold available to sell? I'm probably 4 years from my engine rebuild but don't want to spend money (yet) on a dust collector. Thanks!
If this intial run at the end of this month, goes without a hitch... it will always be available. Even if I am unable to stock a bunch, worst case scenario would be 30 days away.
At the moment, there are 3 large ports available for the end of the month.
There won't be any more large ports done for a few monhs after that, because I'll be concentrating on the small port for a while.