Aftermarket distributor choices..


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I need a complete aftermarket unit as I don't have a stock distributor to put the petronix kit in. Dont want any cheap units either, not the best of luck with the inexpensive stuff. The msd sure is spendy with pertronix coming in second. Any other notable small cap options out there to consider? Thanks you guys

Jim Sullivan

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Just a note about the aftermarket distributors. They are all about 1 1/2" taller than a stock distributor. My guess is they all use small block shafts in a housing machined to fit a w engine. So using the adapter with a small block distributor will be about the same height as an aftermarket distributor. The issue with the taller distributor is air cleaner interference, depending on what style air cleaner you are planning on using.


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I only have about 3000 miles on my cheap unit and maybe a hundred 5000rpm pulls on it. :burnout Not sure if I can say its a good buy but so far no issues for the Procomp. I don't go far and have been working on my launch all summer down on the flats. LOL! I don't have a bunch of hp and I'm not spinning over 5100rpm.


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These Chinese distributors seem to be reasonably well-made and are available in the $120 range depending on where you look:

I seem to recall being told that about Goodyear Marathon trailer tires and blew all of them up and caused severe damage to the side of my trailer


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Well, if you are looking for non-Chinese distributors, better stick with the stockers. It looks like MSD is heavily Chinese these days at 2-3 times the price. I'd guess Pertronix is too?? Adapting SBC distributors gives you more options, but many of them are Asian as well unless you have an inventory of older US-made stuff.

Tires I don't know, it seems like it's a crap shoot at best. The last set I bought was Michelin. I would have thought the Goodyears were top-tier but so many of the American brand names are manufacturing elsewhere. You almost have to look it up every time you are ready to buy a set. I guess there is a code on the tires, or very fine print in some cases. That's a tough market, and trailer tires take a lot of abuse.