Body not on frame straight

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Test fit some Cragar SS and 275-60-15s this weekend. While underneath the car noticed the upper "bucket" of the frame sticks out a little into the inner fendwell on the driver's side and corespondingly the rear is shifted about 1" to the driver's side. Also the tire is closer to the front of the fender lip on the drivers but 3/4-1" than the passenger side. I remember radiusing that spot to fit my 29" cheater slicks on my first 64 . Granted the rubber body bushings are shot but seems a lot to me. No visible frame damage. Got to love the look of shiny Cragar SS.

DSC_0236.JPG DSC_0235.JPG DSC_0238.JPG DSC_0242.JPG Now most second Gen Camaros/Firebirds have the rear end 1/2-1" shifted to either side form factory tolerances.
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I think the last three postings hit the proverbial nail right on the head ........When we were kids my brother tried installing N50 Indy profile Mickey Thompson’s on the back of his 63 along with air shocks to lift it high enough obviously the pan hard bar pulled it to one side it was quite a notable difference.......And quite the stink bugs stance...... it’s funny when you’re young....... what’s cool ..!!!!!!
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