Ciadella Int.


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Just finished with my 63 Interior from Ciadella Int. what a great product .I purchased the front and rear seats along with new foam and a carpet kit. Foam was drop shipped from PUI and fit like a glove came with the skirt attached so it was super easy to attach ,carpet was also drop shipped from ACC it fit very well after letting it sit for a few days on the floor and a little heat molded it self to the floor board. Seat covers went on like a dream, first time I ever done this extreme to the interior have a couple wrinkles to work out but I think they turned out great hopefully when the sunny days and some warmth comes back to this frozen tundra the wrinkles will disapere.



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Wrinkles will usually work themselves out, with letting the car sit in the sun with the windows up. The heat will soften the vinyl, and allow everything to relax. Your seats look exceptional. I have replacement covers and seat buns for my 1962 Corvair Monza, but have yet to try to put them on. I am torn between trying it myself, or paying the upholstery shop to do it. Any tips to do it myself are appreciated.


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I put on 2 layers of burlap then the foam and a layer of cotton /poly stuff from Hobby Lobby , warm up the covers and go to town. Stat in the middle and work some each way. I went and bought some good hog ring pliers and a big box of rings. Allso need listing wire some guys use coat hangers , I bought some wire from home depot that is used for hanging suspended ceilings worked great. Bench seats are a breeze the buckets are a little more challenging but not bad . Patience is the key