1958 delivery

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Took 24 hrs to install the new windows 10, what a POS. If it wasn't bad enough that I lost all my "favorites" list, have to click multiple buttons just to print, couldn't clearly find anything BUT to top it off they did not load my windows word 2010 and wanted me to re purchase word at $20/month, fxuck ass hole thieves. Fortunately I was able to restore my windows 7 nd appear to be back to normal.

Jim Sullivan

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We've been using Windows 10 since it came out, slow as can be on the internet and email. My wife hates it. I am probably going to switch back to Windows 8 if they don't come out with an update or something to speed it up soon.


Mine isn't directing me to anything. Everything works like before, just a different layout. Maybe my settings are different. I opted out of some things on the install.

Jeff Olson

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Good info, I have 8 on my PC at the shop and not a real big fan of it but it sounds better than 10. Think I will just keep ignoring the pop up for me to upgrade.


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