How to stop ISIS


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I bet, it rattled their windows, when it landed.:doh:roll Oh, that's right, they don't have windows in their caves.:dunno
For comparison sake, a single 2,000 pound dumb iron bomb, with a 70 millisecond delay, will go into the ground approx. 50 to 70 feet before detonating. It will blow a crater that a two-story house will fit into. A lot of the dirt will fall back into the hole but is pulverized. Any reinforced bunker within many yards from the crater's edge and 100 feet underground will collapse due to the downward pressure. If you are 100 yards away unprotected, the over pressure from the blast will collapse your chest and lungs; while the heat will sear your body. Your ear drums will rupture. You will be bleeding from every opening in your body; not to mention injuries from trees, boulders and shrapnel coming rapidly your way. You might survive. If it is a surface burst, you are in deeper dog doo.

Use your imagination about what the MOAB will do, even if it is an above-ground burst. It will definitely destroy any post-coitial "after-glow" in the ovine girlfriends corral.

Up yours ISIS. :finger I remember your atrocities!!