How to stop ISIS


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No shots will be required to take down America. We will implode from the inside. Half the people in the country don't care. They would not fight, and have not fought to defend this country. Most of the people coming to this country ( not all ) only want to be here for what they can get from America. They don't want to be Americans. I was in a conversation with 2 coworkers a few years back, both were from Mexico. Can't remember how it was brought up, but one of my coworkers asked if America was to get in a war with Mexico, which side would they fight for. One said he was American now and would fight for America. The other had a few choice things to say about America and said he would fight for Mexico. Just speaking for myself, that person should have been deported that day.
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The left is probably putting lots of fake stuff out there to divert the real stuff away from them. If it's criminal or wrong, the left will surely try it! Isn't their motto, the ends justify the means or something? They don't care how they win, just THAT they win!

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"So how did the wedding go?" I asked my workmate Akeem, on his return​
to the factory today.​
"Not too good actually," he replied, solemnly. "My new bride died at​
the reception."​
"What happened?" I asked. "Did she blow herself up over the gifts or​
"Oh f...k you! F...K YOU!! How dare you say something like that about​
her, about me, and frankly, about Muslim culture? We're not all​
barbarians who do such awful shit like that. We're a tolerant and​
peaceful religion and deserve some f...king respect."​
"Look, Akeem, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so prejudiced. Forgive​
me," I grovelled. "So how did she pass away?"​
"We stoned her for drinking alcohol."​