Indiana Event?


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Talking with Dave, we thought an event in Indiana would draw more cars than another event in Iowa. We both thought Saturday for testing and Sunday for eliminations. Us 41 motorplex in northeast Indiana is a possibility. I can talk to them and see what could be arranged. What I need to know is who is likely to attend and what month works best for you. Thinking spring or fall.


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Sounds good to me. If the race cars healthy, I'd be in for that. As far as when to have it , I think Rays got something going for Thompson Raceway around the 1st of June, Mason-Dixon race is around the 3rd week of June, Dargway 42s race is about the 3rd week of August. Maybe consider September when the weather might be a little cooler than in July.

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I'm out for the last weekend in June and the last weekend in September and the first weekend in October. Qualifying matches.

Do what you have to do.


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Sounds great! I'm not sure if you'd want it as a stand alone type event or piggyback it onto something else. The only thing I could suggest would be the Area 41 Nostalgia Drags and U.S. 30 Reunion car show, but that has been held on 4th of July weekend the last 2 years. The place is about an hour away from me so depending on the date and anything else going on, I would be on board!


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I'm out if its the second weekend in September. I have the Des Moines Concours d'Elegance to run that entire weekend. Keep in mind the only real reason Iowa worked as well as it did is because there aren't many big events going on at that time. Calenders dictate every show and race I go to not weather or location. If a show is set up while another show is going on then no matter how great your show might be you will loose out to the show that has been going longer. People get tribal about going to car shows and races. If I'm open, I'll try to go. Partial to Iowa because I'm an Iowa boy but can hitch up my trailer and go just about anywhere. :D Its only a 6 hour drive from Des Moines.