Indiana Event?


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I go where my friends are.
I want friends. I can drag family anywhere but friends are something special. I again cannot thank everyone who helped me get my wagon race ready at Tri-state drag way. It was amazing! Between the parts and labor team, I wouldn't have had such a great weekend if it were for my 348-409 friends support. Thanks guys! You know I will stay up all night to help anyone with a 348-409 to get it fixed because I owe that once in a life time memory to to all of you. :cryThanks again!

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Talking with Dave, we thought an event in Indiana would draw more cars than another event in Iowa. We both thought Saturday for testing and Sunday for eliminations. Us 41 motorplex in northeast Indiana is a possibility. I can talk to them and see what could be arranged. What I need to know is who is likely to attend and what month works best for you. Thinking spring or fall.
This is a post that one of my Facebook friends sent me. Mike says this is his home track.

Mike Gucciardo Hey ray, in the 348/409 group, I remember a thread of the meet possibly going to us41 dragway here in indiana. Whomever puts it on, if they're serious about it, I can put them in contact with the right people to make it happen