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I used to love Krylon spray paint but after trying this new version called "Cover Maxx" I'll certainly think twice before buying their paint again!

First I noticed this with the gloss black, it's very thin. Was hoping it was only with the gloss but nope! Got a few cans of the Satin black to repaint the doors and top of the Jeep (because I'm too lazy to shoot it with the gun) :D TERRIBLE!!! Same over thinned paint.

They have a hell of a nerve saying "cover" in the name. This stuff takes 4 coats if you're lucky to cover anything. It just bleeds right through.

I also noticed they changed the sprayer tip which now puts out about a 1" pattern. No matter how you try, it leaves tiger stripes in any larger area's, even small Jeep doors. I took a sprayer from an old can I had and it gave me a 3" pattern but it's so watered down, it still left stripes!

Heed my warning, this stuff is garbage! Ultimate coverage my ass!

Here's the old can (the good stuff!) and what the new looks like:


Ronnie Russell

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A comment that is probably not apples to apples but something I have always thought interesting. Years ago , while at WalMart, I needed some primer for a job and didn't want to go through loading the gun to do a small job. There was a large display of black and gray primer ,, 96 cents per can. Most people know I am a cheap-skate so no surprise I bought some to try. I just went out to the shop so I could supply the Wal-Mart brand and low and behold, there is no brand. Now, we all know how this works, a large company contracts a supplier to make a product for them so they can offer it for a lesser price. My point is, that primer was the best spray primer I have ever used . I once used it to primer a complete outer firewall ( convenience) then shot single stage enamel on it and the result was great. I have used it many times over the years and have never been disappointed. Of course, I would never use it on a job that would be exposed to high temp. I have also used their regular color paints on certain jobs. Again, no complaints about quality. Gloss black or flat black, white, etc. 96 cents a can compared to 2.95 - 3.95 for name brand????? It is NOT in the automotive section, must look in the regular paint dept.


I like the primer from Walmart and also use the flat black as "guide coat". Works perfectly. They don't have satin black or I'd probably use that. ;)


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Can't comment on Maxx, but the last time I used Krylon paint, the gas ran out, before the paint.:doh Still had more than 1/2 left.:mad5

409 lever

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I tried that paint a couple of months ago, had the same results. the regular krylon is much better. on a side note anyone ever use majic paint rattle cans? they carry it a running stores around here absolutely the best rattle can gloss black paint I have ever used, takes a full 24 hours to completely dry but well worth it.


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I like appliance epoxy for a gloss black. I have not tried any other colors. Goes on great, and the coverage is good too.

Phil Reed

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1613 Cecil. I just found 2 unopened cases of it that I've had for years.

NEW INFO!!!! 1613 is black PRIMER!!!! Good news is................I found 4 more new cans!!
Also 4 cans of 1318 Gray primer.
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