Looking for Ford truck hood scoop for NS/S

Looking for a ford truck hood scoop off of a large ford truck f550-f1000 1959-69. They put many of them on the old pontiac catalina super stock cars as well as some 409 cars. Is there a better place to look other than eBay? Screenshot_20190802-235956_Gallery.jpg
One on the right is different style that I took off a 2 ton ford truck a few years ago, I gotta have 400 for the one on the left as it’s in good condition.

Jim Sullivan

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What are the basic dimensions on this type of scoop? When my machinist died over a year ago, they cleaned up his property. He had a lots of old Ford trucks and many had the noted hood scoops. I talked to the guy that was hired to clear the property. He said everyone of the trucks was sold and he would give me any information on how to contact any of the purchasers. I was hoping to be able to buy at least one scoop, not a chance. Oh well.

63 dream'n

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