MD Rocking Chair Nationals 2019

Mark Steele

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Is there a list of cars coming to the Rocking Chair Nationals? I know you aren't feeling well Al, but I think it would be good to know if there is a group coming to the event. We have always enjoyed the event. It's a pretty good hike down there, but racing with the group is worth it. I hope there will be a good turn out! Mark

Dick MacKenzie

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I'll be there. I'm not involved with the event this year but I'll start a racer list. Also, this is the hotel we have used in the past:

Quality Inn
920 Dual Hwy
Haggerstown MD
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Dick MacKenzie

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Car List
Dennis Jackson with the New York Shaker tribute. Wally Bell will be there with the car and Grand Marshal!

1. Mark Steele
2. Bo Martin
3. Dave Mills
4. Val & Jim McCombs
5. John Medaglia
6. Carl Bucks
7. Ray Lehburger
8. Caroline and Paul Glavin
9. Bryan Fugate (from post on F.B.)
10. Denny Ford
11. Dick MacKenzie

Don't know what happened to the flyer from Brian's original post. Here it is again.